Plaid to be in Portland! Come visit our newest branch located in the Union Building in St. Johns.


Let's do this right

Were you born financially fluent? No?

How about you guys over here?

You neither? Hmm. Looks like none of us were.

Financial literacy doesn’t just happen. But you can learn it.

Start young

Teaching kids lifelong financial skills


Teachers, help your students learn the value of money. Start with our free grade-specific lesson plans and workbooks. Ask and we’ll send yours!


iQ Credit Union proudly sponsors BizKid$, a lighthearted PBS series of 30-minute episodes teaching financial and business skills to pre-teens. Check out each season’s box set for classroom use (and get accompanying curriculum too!).


Students at six Clark County high schools are running their own fully operational campus iQ branches, learning—through hands-on, day-to-day financial transactions—how to operate a real financial institution. Bonus: They’re eligible to apply for an iQ paid internship!  

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Practical financial workshops